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Custom Silver

The following pages of silver pens and the experiments leading up to them represent a significant investment in time, money, and study into the dying art of applying guilloché by hand using traditional methods and machines that date back over 200 years. I hope you enjoy looking at the results!

Equipment employed are a couple of Neuweiler and Engelsberger (German) straight line machines, a Lienhard (Swiss) rose engine, and Holtzapffel (English) ornamental turning machines. None of them are computer controlled. The straight line machines have no motors whatsoever, the Lienhard rose engine employs a slow DC motor as an option to rotate the spindle and the Holtzapffel does the same with a slow DC motor. When live tooling in frame cutters is used a faster dc motor is used to spin the tiny cutters. Although the Holtzapffel engine can be operated with a treadle - I don’t do that.