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Argent Blue

Custom luxury pens made from Sterling Silver and Damascus Steel.

Argent Blue is the name I give my efforts making custom fountain pens for the discriminating writer. The moniker comes from the work I do in silver and the deep blue color from heated Damascus steel.

Designs are made possible through the use of exotic metal alloys and precious metals. Great care and attention are given to each pen to ensure the best in quality and craftsmanship.

I am also proud to point out that Argent Blue has its own custom designed nib made by Peter Bock AG. The nibs are rhodium plated solid 18K gold.

The MetalWrite marque is on the early "RR" pen series that were made in conjunction with Conway Stewart.

Argent Blue is also a Taccia dealer so call for deals on Taccia pens.


Argent Blue has been nominated four times for Readers' Choice Awards and has won the award twice:

MetalWrite RR1 - nomination for Metal Mastery

MetalWrite RR2 - nomination and win for Metal Mastery

Slipstream Geometric - nomination and win for Metal Mastery

Slipstream Chicane - nomination and win for Metal Mastery




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